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Mum begs doctors for help after pubic hair starts growing on her face

Crystal Coombs was victim of a serious pitbull attack when she was nine-years-old.

As chunk of skin was torn from her face, she needed surgery.

Doctors decided to perform a graft by using skin from the American girl’s pubic area.

But while this helped her to heal from the dog bite, it caused an unfortunate side-effect.

On an episode of E!’s Botched, Crystal admitted that pubic hairs had started to grow out of the patch.

She asked surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif for help fixing the embarrassing problem.

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In the episode, she said: “They did the surgery – and that’s when the hair starting coming…

“I don’t believe that the doctor mentioned I would grow pubic hair out of my patch. I don’t remember that.”

Dr Nassif was equally baffled by medical professional’s decision to use intimate skin for the graft.

He remarked: “Interesting why they chose it from the groin because they could’ve done so many places.

“They could have done the back, the abdomen – obviously you can’t do the armpit.”

After opening up about her difficulties, Crystal explained why ridding her face of pubic hair is so important to her.

She said: “I, at first, thought it didn’t affect my life – but since having my daughter, I really started to get conscious of it.”

"I'm worried about the kids she'll go to school with, I don't want her to be teased."

Thankfully, Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif were able to find a solution to the problem.

By using a space filler, they were able to stretch skin on her face and eliminate the original graft.

They then closed the gap, which prevented intimate hair from growing back on her cheek.

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Crystal is chuffed by the finished results – as now only has to contend with a small scar on her cheek.

She gushed: "Before my surgery, I had a skin graft on my face with pubic hair growing out of it.

"After having my daughter I was nervous about how other kids would treat her because of how I looked.

"But, thanks to Dr Nassif, the skin graft is completely gone.

"So now, my face is finally smooth, symmetrical and pubic hair free."

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  • Posted on January 11, 2020