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Millions of cases of cancer by measures against Smoking preventable – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Every fifth incidence of Cancer arises through the smoke

The German cancer research center, in a recent study, three anti-Smoking policies, could prevent up to the year 2050, a million cancers. The measures include increasing taxes on cigarettes continuously, a complete advertising ban for tobacco products, and a unified neutral packaging for all cigarette brands.

A Team from the German cancer research center (Deutsches krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) has crystallized out by model calculations, three effective methods for Smoking cases of cancer-related reduce. According to the DKFZ, it is urgently needed, since every fifth of cancer is due to Smoking. The study has been recently in the journal “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention“ will be presented.

Still a lot of Smoking people in Germany

Even if in the last few decades, the number of Smoking people in the world declined significantly, engage in Germany is still above average, many people are for Fags. According to DKFZ, 26.4 percent of men and 18.6 percent of all women in Germany currently smoke.

Germany, as the European end of the tobacco control measures

The analysis of the DKFZ shows that three simple tobacco control could prevent measures up to the year 2050, a million cancers when they would be implemented immediately, consistently. “Due to consistent tobacco control measures for a substantial number of new Cancer cases could, in the long term to avoid,” stresses Ute Mons from the German cancer research center. In relation to the tobacco-related burden of disease in Germany as the European tail light, especially when it comes to the implementation effectiveness of proven tobacco-control measures.

What tobacco control measures are effective?

Among the measures is a tax erhöhunge ten percent a year over a period of ten years, a comprehensive and systematic ban on tobacco advertising, and a consistent neutral packaging for all cigarette brands. These control measures are evidenced by international studies and have already proven themselves in other countries considered effective to reduce the rate of Smoking in the population.

What declines are to be expected by the measures?

Without the implemented measures the expected proportion of smoke would be inside and the smokers in the year 2050 and 14.8 percent of men and 10.2 percent of women. By the measures of this proportion could be reduced, probably to the extent that only 9.7 percent of men and 6.7 percent of all women smoke.

A million cases of cancer are less

The calculated decline in may, according to the modeling, 14 percent of tobacco cases of cancer-related in men, and around 12 per cent of tobacco-related can be prevented cancer cases in women. “We could avoid with the implementation of these three measures within the next 30 years, over a Million cases of cancer in Germany”, underlines the study’s first author, Thomas Gredner.

The actual positive impact on public health could be even much more drastic, because “tobacco use is not only for cancer but also for a whole range of other diseases”, is Gredner to bear in mind. (vb)

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  • Posted on May 30, 2020