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Method Men Launches Grooming Line

Method has expanded its men’s business into grooming and skin care this month and is launching the new offering at stores this February.

Method Men debuted in 2018 with body wash before expanding to deodorant and hair care. The new grooming products, which are available now on the Method website, is comprised of a face wash, shave cream and post shave balm, beard oil and lotion with SPF, all below $10 each.

“We’ve been able to build a following with products that have a combination of clean design and effective responsibly chosen ingredients,” said brand director Derrick Auyeung. “We’re excited to launch grooming. It’s an opportunity for Method Men to offer a fresh take.”

Products are made with ingredients like cucumber and seaweed extract and plant-based cleansers in the face wash, argon oil and shea butter in the shave cream and parabens and plant-based moisturizers in the face lotion.

The company is also offering product bundles like the Grooming Go-Getter collection for $29 comprised of four of the five new products, the Revered Beard collection for $24.50 with the face wash and lotion and beard oil, and the quick routine Low Maintenance collection for $16.

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The collection will launch nationwide at Target and Walgreens among other retailers.

“We’re constantly thinking about new ways to meet the needs of our consumers,” Auyeung said. He said the Method Men line has experienced healthy growth both online and offline and plans to expand the offering online as well.

“We’ve naturally expanded our offering based on how we’ve seen success in the earlier categories that we’ve launched, starting with the body wash,” he added. “By seeing some success there, we figured out how to translate to deodorants and shampoo and conditioner and figure out the right way into a grooming regimen and build the right routine for our consumer. By expanding into men’s grooming and offering our consumers more products to fit their personal care needs, we’re optimistic for continued double digit growth in 2021.”

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  • Posted on January 26, 2021