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Maya Rudolph 'Cheated' Her Way to 'Shedding the BS' by Becoming a Mom

Maya Rudolph has been around the showbiz block a time or two. In her 20-plus-year career, the Saturday Night Live veteran and working mom powerhouse has cracked jokes on both the big and small screens, and recently returned to the iconic sketch show that made her a household name. She also heads up the production company Animal Pictures with long-time friend Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is the New Black.

Rudolph, who is the mother of four kids she shares with her long-time partner Paul Thomas Anderson, recently opened up to Harper’s Bazaar in a chat with Lyonne and explained how motherhood helped her get her priorities straight.

“I cheated my way to the place of shedding bullshit by having a child,” she explained in the interview. Motherhood has a tendency to do that–to strip everything down to only what’s most important.

“I think at a certain point in life, if you’ve lived for a little while, luckily, then you also get tired of bullshit,” she explained. “And it’s important to weed that out. I have less patience for it, and I have less room for it.”

When you become a mother, finding balance is vital, whether it’s work-life balance or balance in your social life. And sometimes, Rudolph found, getting the latter in order (and saying “No” to a few invitations) can make the former easier.

“I think having a child was really helpful to ground me solidly in a place of ‘These things need to get done,’ or ‘Everybody is going to Madison Square Garden tonight to see Andy [Samberg] sing with Justin Timberlake, and my daughter has a fever. I’m going home,’ ” Rudolph explained.

Paring down to only what matters most helped Rudolph focus on the big picture. “I don’t think we would have had a company like this if I hadn’t had that experience,” she said.



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  • Posted on February 1, 2021