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Luxury-Doctors want to cure a hangover in 30 seconds

Bacon and eggs, tea or Aspirin? There is countless advice on how to fight a hangover the best. In the USA, tired party can let the lions now be back in half an hour and fit. The treatment is expensive – but for financial people, apparently, Gold.

On its Website, the I. V. promise Doctors (pronounced “Ivy Doctors”) to make cat patients in 30 minutes fit again: Who in the morning with a Hangover, wakes up, and just ordered a nurse to your home, Hotel or office, it says. You care for the suffering, then with an Infusion, which fills up the fluid balance of the body and the hangover with electrolytes and vitamins to combat.

In the offer of the service, treatments, the flu and stomach ailments, to alleviate and to combat jet lag, muscle soreness or General fatigue to help.

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70 nurses in the use

But who wants to be treat, has to dig deep in the bag: Between 199 and 249 dollars for the treatments that are available on the Website in a deal cost.

“CNN”, according to the New York urologist Elliot Nadelson and his son Adam founded, a surgeon, the service last December. More than 70 nurses Adam worked Nadelson to be now for the two in New York and in the middle of the Hamptons, where New York’s rich have a rest on the sea.

“A miracle cure it is not”

Their clients included European aristocrats and Olympic Stars, so Nadelson. However, the majority came from the financial sector. They often worked many hours, would have to in the evening to keep up late into the night, and your customers happy, and early the next Morning, back to full performance.

One of them said to “CNN”: “A miracle cure it is. Nothing cures a hangover to 100 percent. But if you feel like a Two and a half hour later, as a Seven, it changes the game.“


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  • Posted on August 17, 2020