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Luann De Lesseps, 55, Just Showed Off Her Entire Toned Bod In New Topless Instagram Photo

  • Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps, 55, shared a new topless photo on Instagram.
  • Her whole body is covered in gold clay, and her abs and legs look incredibly toned.
  • The reality personality’s fitness routine includes running, strength training, and yoga.

Newsflash: Real Housewife Luann de Lesseps, 55,posted the craziest photo on Instagram, but her abs look crazy-amazing.

Luann shared a snap from vacation (in an unknown but very sunny locale), with her body completely covered in gold clay and no bikini top. Be warned: it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.She captioned the pic “claycation,” which is…one way to put it.

Luann may be covered head to toe in golden clay, but her abs are shining right through. Nothing, I mean nothing, will overshadow her oh-so-toned abs, legs, arms, and everything.


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She works hard for her strong muscles, even on her claycation. Yoga is a huge part of her fitness and wellness routine, and she mixes weights and yoga to create a resistance-training workout, she told Life & Style. “I do weights for the arms because I have to wear these dresses that are sleeveless, and then the legs and then the tummy so I have my routine that I do,” she said. “Then I do yoga. I have a gym in my apartment—it’s fabulous and overlooks Central Park. It’s gorgeous, and I’m busy, so I think that also helps keep you in shape when you’re running around.”


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Aside from yoga, Luann is a big fan of nature hikes in upstate New York, where she has a house in the Hudson Valley. When she has access to a gym, she runs on a treadmill for 15 minutes to get her heart pumping before she tackles her resistance training routine.


A post shared by Luann de Lesseps (@countessluann)

As for her diet, she told People that she drinks a LOT of water. “I think working out is a really important part of anyone’s daily beauty routine and drinking enough water to hydrate the skin. Remember to drink 20 min before & 20 min after meals. I use Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s mineral & green juices every morning and stick to a protein-based, Mediterranean diet,” she said.

What still remains a mystery: Luann’s head-to-toe golden mask. Followers wondering, “what the c-3P0 is happening here,” will have to be patient.

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  • Posted on February 24, 2021