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Live Science podcast "Life’s Little Mysteries" 28: Mysterious nightmares

In this episode of Life’s Little Mysteries, we’ll take a closer look at dreams that terrify: nightmares.

What causes nightmares, and does everybody have them? What can you do to prevent nightmares? And if you’re caught in the middle of a nightmare, can you turn it off? Listen to Life’s Little Mysteries 28: Mysterious Nightmares, to find out! 

We’ll also hear about how nightmares can fuel creative thinking, and why more people are reporting vivid dreams and nightmares during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-hosts: Jeanna Bryner and Mindy Weisberger

Guest: Dr. Deirdre Barrett, dream researcher, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University and author of “The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Their Dreams for Creative Problem Solving-And How You Can Too” (2010, Oneiroi Press).

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Originally published on Live Science.

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  • Posted on May 18, 2020