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Lindsey Vonn Shares Her Health Goals and Body Fat Percentage Since Retiring from Skiing

Now two years into her retirement, Lindsey Vonn is setting new fitness goals for her post-skiing life.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist, 36, put away her racing skis in Feb. 2019 and started to change the way she exercised once she no longer needed to optimize her body for getting down the slopes. Vonn told the New York Post's Alexa magazine last week that she's "a lot leaner" now.

"I used to do things that were so sport specific, so I had to be bigger," she explained. "But everyone is like, 'Oh my God, you're in the best shape of your life.' It's like — yes and no. I'm not training for my sport anymore, I am training to be lean and fit."

And on Thursday, Vonn posted on her Instagram Story that she's down to a body fat percentage of 15, which is at the lower end of what is considered "ideal" for female athletes.

"15% is the lowest of my life," she said. "Different training. Different diet. Crazy!"

Vonn also said that her "lowest while skiing was 19% (due to the type of training I was doing and what my sport required)."

The winner of 82 World Cup races also shared her body "goals" now that she's training for herself, rather than training to ski.

"1) Continue to take care of me," she said. "2) Maintain this clean living (foods, self care and personal growth" and "3) Keep working out because it makes me happy and I feel better when I do it… and just ENJOY LIFE!"

Vonn said last week that she now exercises three times a week with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, and she frequently shares those workouts on her Instagram. She posted one training session — which involved sprinting on an exercise bike, weightlifting, squats and rope pulls — and added that "nothing good comes easy."

"Go out and work for what you want!"

A day earlier, Vonn posted photos of herself in a bikini from a recent beach vacation.

"You can judge me if you want, but I've been working hard in the gym and taking care of me…. so I'm going to post some bikini pics because I'm proud of myself," she captioned the post.

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  • Posted on April 3, 2021