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Kamala Harris’ Workout Routine Includes Running Up And Down The Lincoln Memorial

  • Vice President Kamala Harris was spotted running up and down the Lincoln Memorial steps.
  • She was working out with Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff at the time.
  • Harris previously said she likes to exercise on the elliptical, take spin classes, and swim.

Now that Vice President Kamala Harris is settled into her new home in D.C., she’s finding new ways to work out around the area. And, not to brag or anything, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that her workout is cooler than yours.

Instagrammer Bobby Tran recently shared some pics and video on social media of himself and his girlfriend out for a five-mile run. Normal stuff, right? But they actually ran into the Vice President of the United States, who was running drills up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial alongside her husband, Doug Emhoff.

Harris even posed for a photo with the couple at one point. In the video, you can see Harris carefully—but efficiently—going down the stairs while wearing a mask as Emhoff works his way up. He waits for her at the top and then gives his wife a high five when she catches up with him. Secret Service detail is around but, for the most part, nobody seems to be bothering them.

“It was amazing running into Madam @VP during our 5 miler this morning! 🤩,” Tran wrote in the caption. “We checked out the @TheGlassCeilingBreaker display dedicated to her then noticed that she and @SecondGentleman were actually running steps at the Lincoln Memorial behind us. 💪🏼.”


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People were all about the VP’s exercise routine in the comments. “Yes Madam VP! Show them your youth! You have motivated me to get up and get back to working out! Stay safe….I am so proud to be an African American Woman! We’re on the move!” one wrote. “That’s incredible!!!! I love them both even more now!” another person said.

Harris is big on exercise, btw. “I work out every morning, regardless of how much sleep I’ve had,” she told Barack Obama in a Twitter interview in September. “It’s just the best way to start the day.”

But Harris doesn’t ~just~ run the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to get her heart rate up. In pre-pandemic times, she would clock 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym or hit up a SoulCycle class, she told The Cut. She’s also a fan of swimming.

Emhoff told Men’s Health that the couple have an at-home bike he assembled for them and that his wife used full water bottles as hand weights when the pandemic first began and weights were scarce. “She’d be watching the news, getting ready for her day, lifting a pair of weights made of water bottles and biking on a bike I put together,” he said.

Here. For. It.

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  • Posted on February 10, 2021