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Kaavia James Being Tested During Doubles Tennis is the Ultimate Monday Mood

Don’t mess with Kaavia James during doubles tennis. Her parents, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, shared a video of the 3-year-old on the court, being poked in the neck by her partner with a racket multiple times. “My hopes and dreams,” they typed in text above her partner, while captioning James: “Monday.”

“Mondays amiright!?” the parents wrote alongside the video. “Getchu some homies that keep you motivated by any means necessary. On that note @crosby_sparrow you got one more time… #ShadyBaby #Tennis.”

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People were loving this dynamic duo, with one Instagram fan writing, “When you are with your bestie,” accompanied by heart emojis. Others knew not to push ShadyBaby too far. “She’s like one more time now!” another user quipped.

James has been having a sporty, action-packed summer! She recently learned out to ride a bike (a very cute bike with tassles, no less) and her mom followed in her wake, cheering her on while keeping a close eye. “Picture me rollin. It’s on now!! Whatchall want from the store, I’m about to make a run real quick. #ToddlersOfInstagram,” the caption read. She also attended an Angel City soccer game, where she shared her snacks — until someone tried to eat too many pretzels and then she promptly walked away. As she should.

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Possibly our favorite moment of James’s summer?

When Union sat down with her to talk about self-love. “From the time Black girls are born, folks are checking our ears and nail beds to see how dark we might be or the incessant commentary about what ‘grade’ of hair our kids might have,” she wrote, alongside a moving mother-daughter video. “All our parts are up for discussion and often times, scorn. I want Kaav to feel beautiful and powerful in EVERY room she walks into no matter who is standing next to her. Her beauty, her power, her love, is HERS.”

These history-making Black moms were (and are!) paving the way for women everywhere.

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  • Posted on July 18, 2022