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Ina Garten And Her Husband Jeffrey Listen To This Podcast On Their Days Off

One of our favorite ways to relax is to crank up our favorite music or a podcast to listen to while we putter around the kitchen. An engaging podcast can make prep work like chopping vegetables fly by, and sometimes we even get excited to wash the dishes if we have something interesting to listen to (not often, but it’s happened). We’re always looking for new podcast recommendations, so when we heard about one show that our idol Ina Garten listens to, we knew we’d have to tune in.


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Garten revealed in a recent Instagram post that when she and her husband Jeffrey were enjoying a leisurely drive to the beach for a picnic, they filled the (comfortable, we assume) silence by tuning into The Daily.

The Daily is a podcast from The New York Times that basically runs through the top news stories of the day. It features interviews with the journalists who are writing these stories for the Times, and each episode is about 20-30 minutes long. That’s just enough time to get caught up on the news of the day, and coincidentally it’s also just about the length of time it takes us to do the dishes or start prep work for an easy weeknight meal.

We’d do basically anything to be more like Garten. Our pantry, stocked with “good” vanilla, three kinds of salt, and Garten’s favorite chocolate, is evidence of that. So why not listen to the same podcast?

Garten might be most famous for her cooking and entertaining chops, but she’s whip-smart outside of the culinary arena, too. Before she got into cooking, she actually worked for the White House. Her husband Jeffrey is no slouch himself, with a long career in finance and as a professor of economics at Yale.

We’re not saying that we’re going to become geniuses because we listened to the same podcast as the Barefoot Contessa while scrubbing our kitchen counters, but hey, it’s worth a shot. And at least this way, if we ever get miraculously seated next to Garten on a plane or something, we’ll have something to talk about.

You can listen to The Daily on your favorite podcast app. Get ready to casually fill your brain with knowledge, just like our favorite power couple.

Before you go, check out Garten’s best dinner recipes below:

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  • Posted on February 22, 2021