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How to live longer: Four of Britain’s oldest residents reveal secret to long life expectan

Kathleen “Kay” Daley lives in Waverley, Surrey, and has recently taken part in wheelchair ice skating.

“It was a challenge I wanted to take,” the 96-year-old confessed.

“It was something that I haven’t done before, and I still couldn’t believe that I did it!”

Brimming with a zest for life, how did Kay mature into such a full-of-beans character?


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“I’ve been fortunate, because I’ve had such a happy family all my life, so I always had a happy home, which I always enjoyed,” she revealed.

In a romantic partnership Kay advised: “It’s important to be honest, have trust and stick with each other through thick and thin.”

Speaking of her own family life, she continued: “I still have a loving family who cares for me.”

Eyes sparkling, she detailed the best thing about getting older: “Having grandchildren.”

Surpassing Kay in age, centenarian Ida Upham shares her own life lessons.

“I’ve learned to be my own boss,” the 100-year-old said.

And in love, she revealed it’s best to “keep working on the relationship no matter what happens”.

“Don’t give up,” she insisted.

Turning health advice on its head, Ida’s got a big appetite for red and processed meat.

“I enjoy eating Bratwurst and frankfurters but, most of all, salami.”

She’s also not afraid to indulge in cheese, specifically Brie and Camembert.

Old enough to receive a birthday message from the Queen, Ida admits she enjoys “people making a fuss” of her.


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Then there’s Violet Finn. She’s 102.

More of a contemplative soul, Violet believes the best thing about getting older is growing “wiser and more tolerant”.

She’s learned “to be less selfish of things and to let things go”.

Also a meat lover, she admitted she “used to like a good Sirloin steak”.

“Nowadays, I am a greedy person and I like anything my teeth will tolerate,” she laughed.

Reflecting on her long life, she exclaimed: “I thought I would die at 90… I can’t believe I’m 102!

“It’s just the luck of the draw,” she said.

Having had only two partners in her lifetime – both who passed away due to old age – Violet has since refrained from any further romances.

Hinting to a more spiritual side, she concluded: “I must have been chosen to live this long.”

The oldest of the four British citizens, Beatrice Grimes is 107 years old.

“My secret to a happy life is surrounding myself with people – I love people,” Beatrice revealed.

“I also make sure that I go out, look after myself and continue to just enjoy life.”

Asked what the best thing about getting older is, Beatrice quipped: “A free bus pass.”

The NHS guidelines on how to lead a long, healthy life includes exercising often, eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fruit and vegatables, and remaining socially active.

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  • Posted on March 12, 2020