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Having a micropenis is rare – but if you do you should seek medical advice

If you’ve ever questioned the adequacy of your penis size, you are not alone.

We previously reported that the average penis length in the UK is 5.1in when “soft and gently stretched”.

However, on the NHS website it says most men’s penis size is somewhere around 3.75in.

Don’t measure up to that length? It’s normal to see an increase in size when men have an erection.

But if you still don’t come close, it’s likely you just have a small penis, or in rare cases, you may have what is known as a micropenis.

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What is a micropenis?

A micropenis is a medical term used for a penis which is “well under the normal size range for an infant”, according to Healthline.

Their definition continues: “In every other way, including structure, appearance, and function, a micropenis is like every other healthy penis.”

This happens when a person’s body doesn’t produce enough hormones, mainly androgens, or if the body doesn’t respond normally to the production of these.

Doctors usually diagnose a micropenis when it is “2.5 standard deviations below the average stretched length” for their age of sexual development, according to Medical News Today.

For a newborn baby, this would be defined as 2.4-2.5cm, when the average is 3.2cm.

For an adult this would be 9.3cm, if the average was 13.3cm.

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When to seek medical advice?

If you suspect your baby may have a micropenis, you should consult a paediatric urologist or paediatric endocrinologist.

If you have concerns about your own penis, you should see a urologist who treats adults.

A doctor may recommend hormone therapy, because testosterone treatments can help your penis grow.

They are more effective before puberty than later on.

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If hormone treatments don’t work, a doctor may consider surgery.

In this case a doctor can put an implant into the penis to make it look larger than before.

However, this surgery carries a high chance of complications.

Most people who have a micropenis will have normal sexual functioning, and won’t affect their ability to urinate, masturbate or orgasm.

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  • Posted on January 10, 2020