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Guide to Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

The main form of progression in Destiny 2 is getting better gear. Unlike in many other games, your character’s level is determined directly by their equipment. Finding new weapons and armor pieces with higher Power Levels than the ones you already possess is the simplest way to advance. However, those items also possess unique perks and stats that you might wish to keep. Infusion allows you to upgrade your favorite pieces of high-power gear without losing their distinguishing traits. In the majority of cases, this process requires using Upgrade Modules. Read on to learn more about this special currency and how to get it.


How to Improve Your Gear

Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor pieces can be upgraded through Infusion. That means dismantling a more powerful item to transfer its Power Level to the lower-level item, while leaving the latter’s stats and perks intact. The dismantled items can be of any rarity, but must belong to the same item type as the ones being upgraded. Energy weapons are Infused into other weapons in that slot and Helmets are infused into Helmets. The actual process of the upgrade is simple:

  • Go to your character screen;
  • Find the weapon or armor piece you want to upgrade;
  • Select Infusion under “Weapon Mods”;
  • Pick an eligible (same type and higher level) item from your inventory;
  • Order an Infusion by using the action key. Doing so dismantles the selected item and upgrades the original weapon or armor piece. However, it comes with a further price, as explained below.

Why Do You Need Upgrade Modules?

Upgrading items with their duplicates (different rolls of the same-name item) is quite cheap. All it requires is 1,000 Glimmer, which is easily obtained from basic game activities such as killing hostiles and looting containers. Unfortunately, the chances of getting a higher-level version of the same gun you want to upgrade are too low to rely on them. For the most part, you will have to Infuse your equipment with other loot of the same types. In that case, you would need to spend an Upgrade Module instead. This is a much more precious currency, but there are still many ways to acquire enough to reach its 25 cap.


Upgrade Module Sources

Here are all the sources for Upgrade Modules in the shooter as of the Season of the Lost:

  • You can buy Upgrade Modules from each of Banshee-44 and Ada-1. The former is found in the Tower’s centre, while the latter is some distance to the west. Each merchant offers two Upgrade Modules per day, at the price of 5,000 Glimmer, ten Legendary Shards, an Enhancement Core, and 25 of a Planetary Material. The specific Planetary Material required differs between the merchants and also changes every day. They can all be farmed in their respective destinations or purchased from Spider in Tangled Shore. Legendary Shards appear upon dismantling Legendary or Exotic items, while Enhancement Cores are typically obtained from various PvE activities such as bounties;
  • Reaching maximum rank in Gambit, Crucible, or Vanguard ritual activities will allow you to reset rank. That will grant you rewards including three Upgrade Moudles. Unlike some other rewards, this option will remain available on subsequent resets, meaning that you can farm the activities for this currency repeatedly. Doing so simply requires you to complete matches or strikes;
  • On weekends, you could play the Trials of Osiris elite PvP mode. Reaching Rank 4 or Rank 13 by defeating your fellow players in this activity yields two Upgrade Modules;
  • You can install a Modularity Mod for a specific ritual activity in your Ghost. That will give you a chance to receive Upgrade Modules with every victory in that activity. Although the drop rate is low, it could still dovetail nicely with the ranked progression method;
  • Progressing through the Season Pass will let you earn quite a few Upgrade Modules at certain tiers. In the current Season, the currency may be acquired from both the free and premium tracks, although buying the pass will still give you more;
  • Consuming a Concentrated Mattergem provides a buff that makes it possible to receive an Upgrade Module after defeating a powerful enemy such as a boss. The buff is removed once the currency drops. The only source for a Concentrated Mattergem is the Eververse vendor, who sells it for 200 Bright Dust. While Bright Dust may be farmed from a variety of challenges and bounties, amassing the required amount still takes a lot of effort, making this a somewhat inefficient approach.


Without improving your gear, you will not be able to compete in higher-level PvE or Power-enabled PvP activities. Yet, throwing out your older equipment can often undermine your experience of the game. After all, some items are just right for your playstyle. Upgrading allows you to combine the benefits of leveling up and keeping the loadout you prefer. In practice, that means looking for Upgrade Modules. Thanks to CakeBoost’s Destiny 2 boost services, that does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming task. Reach out now, and CakeBoost’s boosters will help you with any aspect of the shooter that is getting in the way of your enjoyment!


  • Posted on June 8, 2022