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Guess what’s helping kids beat the lockdown blues

While it’s no secret that the extended lockdown is taking a toll on our children’s mental health, the good news is that online activity classes for kids have emerged as the game-changer. 

Lockdowns, social restrictions, school closures, travel constraints and stress transference from parents have increased anxiety amongst kids. To help improve the situation, mental health experts have been asking parents to set a routine for kids, spend quality time with them, communicate responsibly and divert their minds from the stress of the pandemic. Child Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Dr. Zirak Marker says, “A lot of kids are experiencing Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) during the lockdown. And because they struggle to process emotions, we as adults, need to help them by answering questions about the pandemic in an age-appropriate manner. But most importantly, we need to ensure that our kids are meaningfully occupied”. 

However, keeping kids meaningfully occupied is not an easy feat. They get bored of the same activity very quickly and are constantly looking for new challenges. And in the past, while you as a parent managed this by enrolling them in extra-curricular activities and hobby classes, there is no reason for you to stop now just because there is a lockdown. “But they can’t go anywhere”, you may say. Well, the truth is: they don’t have to.

You can enrol them in online classes that are specially crafted for their age and affinities. From online cooking, dancing and storytelling classes to online drama, soap-making and art classes—there are a host of activities that encourage kids to be creative and go beyond the school syllabus to learn something new in an enjoyable way.

In a bid to stick to a routine, more and more parents are opening up to the idea of enrolling their kids, be it their tiny ones or their teenagers, in fun online activity classes. In fact, experts have observed that kids who have participated in online activities are demonstrating increased motivation during the lockdowns.  

So, could online activity classes for kids be a catalyst to create a new, more effective way to expand the mind and learn more? With lockdowns not going away anytime soon—yes, definitely. 

Eureka is a platform with online classes for kids between 3 to 12 years of age, brought to you by The Indian Express. It’s a whole new world of fun online classes. While Eureka’s online classes keep your kids pleasantly occupied, they also endeavour to enrich their minds and sharpen their skills with a plethora of learning activities like cooking, Zumba, art & craft, juggling, music, drama, storytelling, soap-making, fitness, dance, magic and more!

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  • Posted on May 14, 2021