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Ginger helps against periodontal disease in Diabetes – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Study shows effect of ginger against chronic periodontitis

Ginger has many positive effects on health, the effect against inflammation also makes an application against chronic periodontitis interesting. In a recent study of the use of ginger to periodontal therapy in individuals with type 2 Diabetes has been studied, with quite an impressive result.

The anti-inflammatory effect of ginger was already used in previous studies clearly, however, only little therapeutic is beneficial. Although ginger finds a wide application as a home remedy, but in medicine, the medicinal plant plays in this country, hardly a role. What are the broad therapeutic application of collective agreements, power of now, in the Journal of Herbal Medicine published study examined the use of ginger against chronic periodontitis in persons with type 2 Diabetes.

Ginger supplementation on periodontal therapy

In a double-blind clinical study has examined an Iranian research team of 50 people with type 2 Diabetes and chronic periodontitis, the effects of ginger supplementation in conjunction with a non-surgical periodontal therapy. According to the random principle, the participating of the Intervention and a control group and they received eight weeks of twice daily either two grams of ginger or a Placebo. All Participants were also subjected to non-surgical periodontal therapy.

The research team collected for the assessment of different metabolic, and periodontal parameters such as, for example, the Fasting blood glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol, the depth of the Pocket (in the gums), the Plaque Index and the gingival bleeding.

Metabolic, and periodontal parameters improved

There were both some of the metabolic parameters, as well as the depth of the Bag and the Retaining of the teeth essential better results in the intervention group than in the control group. The metabolism values have improved, particularly also the blood sugar value, HbA1c and the Fasting blood sugar significantly, according to the research team.

Therapeutic use of recommended

In the light of the study results, the researchers recommend a therapeutic use of ginger supplementation “for the control of glycemic, lipid, anti-oxidative and periodontal Status” in the case of type-2-diabetics and diabetics with chronic periodontitis. How this can be useful in the treatment to integrate, should therefore be reviewed in this country. (fp)

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  • Posted on June 11, 2020