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German Islands to rebel against tourists-plans

The spread of the Coronavirus holds Germany, Europe and the world continue to breath. Politics, economy, society and research are now required. More than four million people have already been infected with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2, 171.134 of them in Germany.

German Islands to rebel against tourists-plans

The island of Föhr and Amrum support the Sylter concerns to a later Opening of the Islands for day-trippers. Together with the Amt Föhr-Amrum and the Amrum Touristik there is also a Letter, said a spokeswoman for the island of Föhr Touristik GmbH on Thursday the German press Agency. "We are glad and always has been, and about our guests. We have during the ban on Access to the Islands and Halligen, a lot of our guests thought." Föhr is very well booked. "The Boom in tourism in Germany is to be expected and are pleased, of course, after a week-long losing streak with fancy Easter season, very." The ultimate goal, however, is that all had a restful, relaxing and safe stay and remained healthy. Carsten Rehder/dpa

"The medical island supply is generally not designed well, however on exceptional situations. Such exceptional situation we have with the Corona pandemic, however." They had hoped that the announced Dreifstufenplan. "Now, everything from 0 to 100 percent that would overwhelm our infrastructure completely." We hope, therefore, "the district of North Friesland does not comply with the request, and a corresponding special scheme ausspricht".

Already at the beginning of the week, all the Sylter municipalities, entrepreneurs and Sylt Marketing had the island of Sylt, in a Letter to the North-Friesland district administrator, Florian Lorenzen, the call made to extend the prohibition of entry for one-day tourists on the Islands. From Monday the ban on entry for tourist and recreational purposes to Schleswig should be omitted-Holstein, as well as the prohibition for the Islands and the Halligen. The circles should but given the opportunity, if necessary, specific rules are implemented to limit the days of tourism.


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