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Drinking a glass of milk a day can cut heart disease risk, says study

We’re all familiar with the different things that are good for our hearts – from walking and meditating to eating avocados and nuts.

But new research now shows that a certain simple beverage can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, too. 

And the drink of choice might surprise you. 

A recent study has found that enjoying a glass of milk every day is very good for your heart health. 

Published earlier this week in the International Journal of Obesity, the study followed two million people from the UK and US and singled out those who consumed higher levels of the white stuff. 

Results showed that regular milk drinkers who consumed at least one glass a day had a 14% lower risk of coronary heart disease.

By studying the health of so many individuals, scientists discovered those with a mutation enabling them to consume large amounts of milk were less prone to cardiovascular illnesses.

The findings are particularly interesting as milk is often criticised for its high levels of cholesterol, which can increase an individual’s risk of heart disease.

However, this new research shows those who regularly drank the dairy product had lower levels of both good and bad cholesterol.

What’s more, the team were unable to find a link between drinking milk regularly and increased levels of cholesterol.

So, reducing intake of milk might not be necessary for preventing heart problems – as previously thought.

Study author Vimal Karani, PhD, professor of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics at the University of Reading, said: ‘The study certainly shows that milk consumption is not a significant issue for cardiovascular disease risk even though there was a small rise in BMI and body fat among milk drinkers.’

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  • Posted on May 27, 2021