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Diary of isolation: Cystic Fibrosis sufferer reveals life in lockdown

Most people in lockdown are still able to attend the shops for essentials, take an hour outside for exercise and can maybe soon see an end in sight. ​But classed as extremely vulnerable we’ve now been told to shield until the end of June. For me that will be 15 weeks inside without even a jog around the block.​

I admit, I am enjoying the extra family time, playing with my two year old son. He is certainly enjoying the extra attention.​

​I have found ways to fill my days. I have unlocked an interest in gardening, something I would have never imagine I would have spent my free-time doing.​

Cooking and baking are also hobbies I have turned to in an attempt to suppress boredom.​

​We have a close family; I miss them greatly.

Not seeing them is the part that I am finding most difficult. ​

I rely on my family immensely.

We meet via Zoom – we even all took part in a virtual escape room which was great fun, albeit stressful!​

I count myself as lucky that I am able to continue working for my local NHS trust from home.

I work in the recruitment department – workload has dramatically increased so I have been kept busy throughout the week.​

It is unnerving knowing how much danger I could be in which is why it is essential that my family and I am strict with shielding. ​

In some way isolating is improving my health, I’m not interacting with anyone – so reducing my normal hazardous daily fear of catching a cough or cold off someone.​

I’m also shielding with my husband Chris who is a schoolteacher, meaning if schools do reopen before my shielding is lifted, he may have to move out despite being my main carer.

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  • Posted on April 21, 2020