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Coronavirus symptoms: Fiona Phillips symptoms after ‘scary’ three week ordeal

Fiona Philips, 59, was one of the first celebrities to reveal her COVID-19 infection and has opened up about her gruelling experience with the deadly coronavirus. The journalist said that at times she was “scared” and spoke candidly about how the experience impacted her life. Fiona spoke to The Mirror about her three-week illness and the myriad of symptoms she experienced. The former GMTV host discussed her COVID-19 symptoms in the hopes to warn others of what to potentially look out for.


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Fiona details how her infection made her feel like she had been “clobbered in her sleep” and even though she is now thankfully fully recovered she cited her experience as “horrible.

She said: “However hard I tried to get myself out of bed and on with the day ahead, something was holding me back.

“I’d had horrible gut pain for a few days.

“My whole digestive tract was making a pain of itself, demanding attention and really dragging me down.”

The presenter was confined in bed for three days after she first became ill alongside her husband, This Morning boss Martin Frizell, who was advised to self-isolate to avoid the risk of infecting his ITV colleagues.

Fiona’s other symptoms ranged from sweats to a sore throat and that she had fallen ill on March 20 and began feeling extremely tired, had difficulty breathing and had a fiery throat.

“My breathing, although sometimes shallow, never failed.

“The thought that it might was terrifying.

“And the more I thought about that, the shallower my breath seemed to become.

The NHS says: “The main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature.

“This means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back.

“A new, continuous cough.

“This means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours.”


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Fiona spoke of her cough and said: “And that annoying, dry cough persisted and, even worse, was aggravating my already fiery throat.

Maybe I should get some more sleep, I thought, ‘then I’ll be fine.

Fiona revealed that she had slept for days at a time and had lost her appetite.

She shared that she felt “scared” during her time battling the virus.

 The previous month Fiona revealed she’d come down with coronavirus symptoms.

Writing on Twitter she had said: “Am in bed with #coronvirusuk. It’s not a very pleasant bedfellow, but nothing more than a sore throat, dry cough, headache and tiredness.

“As long as it stays that way….DON’T panic!”

Fiona has now made a full recovery and has overcome her symptoms. 

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  • Posted on April 10, 2020