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Population survey: the German sense of Coronavirus continues to threat

So many people with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, it does not plug in like a few weeks ago, but the danger posed by the novel pathogen is taken from the population is still serious, such as a survey shows. Many are also unsure as to whether they can protect themselves from infection.

The current Corona pandemic still leads to an understandable uncertainty among many people. The danger posed by the Virus continues to be perceived as a threat. A recent survey shows.

Survey on risk perception

Since the end of March, the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) published the “BfR-Corona-Monitor”.

The regular survey documented how the population in Germany, evaluates the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and what fears surround the people especially.

The current “BfR-Corona-Monitor” shows that the risk is taken Coronavirus is still serious.

“Even now, after ten interviews, it shows that the risk is perceived by the corona virus still a threat”, explains BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel in a statement.

“The response in the media also shows that the BfR-Corona-Monitor has proved in the past few months as a reliable compass, as regards the perception of Risk in Germany.”

Transmission of the Virus

According to the figures, showed clear from the beginning what sources are classified by the population as a means of Transmission of the novel Coronavirus. Initially, 81 percent of the respondents, in the Mediterranean, 71 percent, see the close proximity to other people as the main source of infection.

Also door handles (48 percent) and cash (32 percent) of the mountains, apparently, for many people, a relatively high risk of contagion – from a scientific point of view, this Transmission are negligible but we have to.

The probability of Transmission of Coronavirus from food, Pets or clothing but presumed to be in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge is regarded as relatively low.

Protection against infection

As the drug of choice was, above all, the Public Avoid be called, in order to protect yourself or the family against infection.

A clear upward trend, according to the BfR for the Wearing of protective clothing: to create During the start of the study, only six percent of the respondents spontaneously figures, masks, or gloves, is the proportion in the last survey week to 34 percent.

In the middle between 20 and 25 percent said in the course of the study, but that you take any personal measures to protect against infection.

Despite the fact that you are not at the mercy of the risk of infection is unprotected, nearly 30 percent of respondents are not sure whether you can protect yourself from infection.

The proportion of people who fear major health impacts of a Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to your health, it is 31 percent, in the meantime, sharp fluctuations of between 25 and 40 percent.

Measures met majority approval

According to the communication from the Federal government and the länder, the measures initiated majority met on the consent, although this has declined over time, sometimes significantly.

Relatively stable high is the acceptance of a restricted travel activities, cancelled events, limited numbers of customers in stores and the distance control. These measures were assessed at all time points of at least 80 percent as appropriate.

Clearly, the positive evaluation of the contact constraints, the Closing of cultural institutions declined in the course of the survey, limitations in schools and day-care centres as well as border controls.

The elderly are concerned

Younger take the Corona pandemic is different than the Older? Also this issue, the current BfR-Corona-Monitor went.

The result: people aged 60 years to give more than those under 40, that you feel the possible effects of a Corona infection on your health than great.

At the same time, Concerns about the health effects by the Coronavirus is more pronounced than for younger persons, where there is often the Worry about the economic impact outweigh are for respondents aged 60 and over. (ad)

  • Posted on June 1, 2020