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Coronavirus: mortality varies greatly – is the Form of life responsible? – Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal

Social conditions determine the COVID-19-mortality rate?

A German research team was looking for reasons why the mortality rate varies by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 from country to country so strong. While in Germany on 15. March 2020 the mortality rate at below 0.3 per cent., the mortality in Italy at the same time, around six percent. The researchers see a possible cause for these differences in the Form of living together and of social interaction.

In Italy die from 1000 COVID-19-Ill-60 people – in Germany there are only three. How come you have such huge Differences? Professor Dr. Christian Bayer and Professor Dr. Moritz Kuhn from the Institute for macroeconomics and Econometrics at the University to try and Bonn, the answers to these question to find.

The social relations determine the mortality rate?

The two Economists from the University of Bonn have compared across different countries, the role of social structures, with mortality rates COVID-19-infections. They came to the conclusion that the more workers live with their parents, the higher is the proportion of the Corona is dead at the beginning of the epidemic.

Multi-generation household as a cause for increased mortality?

In Italy, the family is shaped by the following image: The grandparents live in the same house and participate in childcare, while the parents go to work. In Italy, the model of the multi-generation household is lived out much more than it is the case in Germany. What can be social aspects, quite positive, could be during a pandemic, the danger of the Economists.

Of the working population to the Elderly

The social make life measurable, the researchers examined the proportion of 30-to 49-Year-olds living with their parents. Both in Europe and worldwide, large differences in mortality were a function of this factor. The Team believes that the Virus is mainly due to the acquisition of population from China to Europe and then here, first, mainly among workers has spread.

Type of cohabitation determines the disclosure of

“If the work infected population to a high degree, then the population structures, such as in Germany or Scandinavia, where we are less aware of cross-generational forms of living together is less dramatic,” said Kuhn, a Professor of Economics at the University of Bonn.

In countries such as Italy, where the Elderly often live with the entire family under one roof, increases the proportion of disease with a fatal outcome significantly. The elderly population is first affected, the threat of a chain reaction that overloaded the health system, as we can see it right in Italy, particularly in Bergamo.

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The opposite Trend in Asian countries

For the Asian region of the same connection principle applies, as the two scientists communicate. The case fatality rate vary rates still low, lying to an overall younger population and could be also in other forms of social interaction, such as, for example, different greeting rituals. (vb)

  • Posted on March 26, 2020