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Beer recall: Incorrect indication of the alcohol content of Naturopathy naturopathic specialist portal

Recall, for wheat beer alcohol content is declared incorrectly

Because of possible health risks due to incorrect information on the alcohol content on the label is currently called the bright wheat beer from Karlsberg back. The beer was irrtürmlich with a neck loop, which shows the alcohol-containing product as free of alcohol, according to the Karl mountain brewery.

The recall campaign relates to the “Karlsberg Weizen hell, – alcoholic in the 0.5 l returnable bottle,” says the message on the Portal of the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety. On the label on the bottle neck is incorrectly read “alcohol-free”, although the beer has a alcohol content of 5.2 percent.

How do you recognize the beer?

Back to the above-mentioned alcohol is created containing Karl mountain wheat light in returnable 0.5 l bottle with the Loskennzeichnungen 04.21 L16K7-2300 to 04.21 L17K7-0200 and the minimum shelf-life date of April 2021. The Lot and expiration date can be found on the back label of the bottle, so the message of the brewery. On the back and abdominal labels of the alcohol content of 5.2% vol is also. correctly specified and the wheat beer is otherwise flawless.

On the left of the incorrectly declared bottle, in the middle of the correct labelling. (Image: lebensmittelwarnung.de)

Likelihood of confusion can be a health risk

The brewery calls back the product, according to its own information, in order to prevent a mix-up with alcohol-free wheat beer. It is to be noted that such a confusion, particularly for people who have to give up for medical reasons alcohol can be a risk. Was sold the wheat beer in Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse.

The affected wheat beer can be returned according to the brewery at the respective shopping site or against correctly labelled goods exchanged. For consumer questions, a Hotline (phone number 0 68 21 &#8211 am also; 9 14 42 28). (fp)

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  • Posted on August 15, 2020