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62-Year-Old Jean Barnette Is Going Viral for Her Jaw-Dropping Hula Hoop TikTok Video

  • The internet is currently obsessed with a TikTok video from 62-year-old hula hooper Jean Barnette.
  • Jean’s bio describes her as a “professional hula hoop and fire performer.”
  • Commenters are calling Jean “a queen” and “the coolest person I know.”

Even if you regularly hula hooped as a kid, you probably just gave it a few whirls with your hips and then went about your life. But one woman just went viral for doing moves that would put your 6-year-old hula-hooping self to shame.

Jean Barnette just shared a video on TikTok of herself doing an Olympic-level performance with a hula hoop, set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” (because, why not?). Jean, 62, gets right on in there at the start of the video.

She moves her arms up and down and inside and out of her hula hoop while it rotates. She casually spins around and swivels her hips in time to the music and gives a few hip thrusts to keep things going. The whole time, Jean is wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a casual “I do this all the time” look on her face.

#jeanbarnette #62yearsyoung I need to go out dancing.

While the video is amazing, the comments are everything. “Tell me you’re a queen without telling me you’re a queen,” one fan wrote. “This is the coolest person I know,” another said. “What kind of sorcery do we have here?” someone else asked.

But seriously, how does she do this?! Jean said in the comments that she’s just “hitting the hoop back and forth” but it looks a little more complicated than that.

For the record, Jean actually does this kind of stuff for a living. Her TikTok describes her as a “professional hula hoop and fire performer,” so, yeah.

She has plenty of other impressive videos, like this one:

#jeanbarnette #62yearsyoung #stayfitanywhere

This one:

#jeanbarnette #creatorfund just a creator trying to create and entertain you. Thanks for watching.

And this one:

#jeanbarnette I just dance all day when I am not working. I love music and dancing. It lights my soul on fire.

BRB: Gotta go dust off my old hula hoop.

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  • Posted on February 19, 2021