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3 Reasons to Give Up Alcohol

The sober curious movement, or taking a break from alcohol, has become one of the year’s biggest trends. And while you know that beer isn’t exactly green juice, you may not be sure of why you should even give up alcohol.

In a new video, Facts Verse explains possible benefits of giving up alcohol for a single month. One major factor that you may not even consider are the costs associated with drinking. Facts Verse estimates that you could save up to $400, depending on the type of alcohol you prefer and frequency of bar visits. What’s more, skipping the club could help you discover new hobbies and passions, according to the video.

In addition to saving you money, taking a break from booze can also save your skin. That’s because alcohol is a diuretic meaning it lowers the amount of fluids in your body. The substance also decreases a specific hormone that helps you to retain water, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Taken together, this leaves your entire body dehydrated, which in turn, can make your skin look—and feel—dry.





And some people who give up booze experience a very noticeable benefit: weight loss. Alcohol contains calories but offers little nutritional value, meaning it’s entirely possible to drink upwards of 2,000 calories a day just in cocktails or beer, according to the video. Plus, happy hour is often accompanied by bar food, which increases the likelihood of consuming more calories than your body requires to maintain its weight.

Watch the entire video to learn about more reasons you may want to join the sober curious movement.

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  • Posted on December 25, 2019