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10 stylish and comfortable sports bras for bigger boobs

Searching out stylish and comfortable sports bras for cup size D and above isn’t always easy, so we did the hard work for you. Here’s our round-up of 10 of the best sports bras for bigger boobs, whether you’re going for a run or taking part in a virtual yoga class. 

The clothes we wear to work out absolutely need to be functional and well-fitted, but they should also make us feel good. This is true of our sports bras, too. 

While many sportswear brands offer seemingly endless sports bra options for those with A to C cups, those blessed with a fuller bust — we’re talking measurements upwards of a D-cup — have traditionally struggled to find functional designs that are also pleasing on the eye.

It’s a problem that has led many to wear ill-fitting designs for the sake of fashion — a fact that’s reinforced when you discover that according to research, 65% of women are reportedly wearing the wrong bra size.

Thankfully, though, recent years have seen an increasing number of brands heed the call. Combining sleek silhouettes with functionality to suit all manner of workouts, there’s never been a better reason to invest in a new sports bra.

If you’re wearing one that’s the wrong size for you then you’re compromising your support, comfort and running efficiency.

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But what should you look for when it comes to identifying the right bra? Start with the activity — after all, the demands of a HIIT class differ vastly from a hot yoga session. 

“The first thing you should be asking yourself is what sports or activities you are looking to use this sports bra for? There isn’t a one-bra-suits-all out there,” notes Mari Thomas, former sports bra performance analyst and founder of Maaree.

“Some will be designed for running, so will likely be quite compressive and adjustable. Yet others will be designed with yoga in mind and so will be made using a more elastic fabric with no adjustments which can cause unwanted pressure points.”

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Considering fit comes close behind. “The majority of your support comes from your underband, so if you’re wearing one that’s the wrong size for you then you’re compromising your support, comfort and running efficiency.”

“Although it’s important for a bra to look good, it shouldn’t be the main and only factor you base your buying decision on. Prioritise the performance and comfort aspects first, and then you’ll also feel great!” says Thomas.

So, given just how sought after attractive and supportive sports bras are — and there’s no better time to start a new fitness routine than January — we’ve rounded-up some of the most functional, visually pleasing and comfortable designs on the market.

  • Panache Sports Non-Wired Bra

    28-40 (B-H cup)

    A favourite among fitness fans with a fuller bust, Panache is testament to the fact that stylish sports bras needn’t cost the earth. The wider shoulder straps on this non-wired offering ensure comfort, spreading pressure over a wider area, while its moulded cups are seam free to avoid chafing and discomfort that can accompany some designs. It’s a great all-rounder.

    Shop Panache Sports Non-Wired Bra, £40


  • Maaree Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra

    32-38 (C-G cup)

    Founded by Mari Thomas, a former sports bra performance analyst for brands including Sweaty Betty and Nike, this bra’s technology is what sets it apart. Featuring a curved overband that reduces the upward motion of boobs during workouts, the design boasts padded shoulders for extra comfort and soft, non-stretch fabric to reduce movement. Available in two colour options because the technology speaks for itself, the brand has also partnered with the charity CoppaFeel!.

    Shop Maaree Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra, £64


  • Runderwear Easy-On Support Running Bra

    28-40 (D-H cup)

    If partnering with English Athletics isn’t enough to convince you of Runderwear’s reputation, this Easy-On Support Running Bra will do the talking. Featuring two double clasps at the back which ensure even pressure distribution, this design offers full coverage and great support. The two-tone design with its blue trim and open back is ideal for taking on just about any workout.

    Shop Runderwear Easy-On Support Running Bra, £46.50


  • Shockabsorber Ultimate Run Bra

    30-38 (A-G cup)

    When a friend declares that a sports bra “changed the way I workout”, it has to be a design worth trying. Shockabsorber offers one of the most extensive style ranges on the market — with this grey and coral racer back design being ideal for both a quick trip to the gym or a long weekend run. It also claims to reduce boob bounce by up to 78%, which is music to our ears.

    Shop Shockabsorber Ultimate Run Bra, £46


  • Queen B Athletics Zoe Sports Bra

    XS-XL, equivalent to 30-40 (A-F cup)

    Female-founded Irish brand Queen B Athletics has created the Zoe Sports Bra, a design that’s pleasing to the eye without compromising on support or functionality. The lowered cross-back ensures a more even weight distribution (avoiding the dreaded neck ache), while the wide back panel offers added chest support. Paired with its breathable, sweat wicking fabric, this is a durable sports bra worthy of your gym bag.

    Shop Queen B Athletics Zoe Sports Bra, €41 (approx. £35)


  • Royce Lingerie Impact Free Sports Bra

    32-40 (G-K cup)

    Attractive sports bras for larger busts don’t need to cost a fortune. This Impact Free Sports Bra is testament to that, featuring a classic H-back design, complete front coverage to reduce upwards bounce and a secure triple clasp closure. Keeping things simple with block colouring and a touch of pink detailing, this bra is just as much about style as it is about substance. 

    Shop Royce Lingerie Impact Free Sports Bra, £36


  • Glamorise Max Out High Support Underwire Sports Bra

    34-48 (C-H cup)

    If you’re someone who prefers the support of an underwire, this offering from Glamorise is the ideal option. With cups made from double layer non-stretch fabric, the design ensures that your boobs don’t get the chance to experience excessive freedom of movement. The padded shoulders and underwire ensure that comfort is a priority — plus, the fetching block colours available keep things simple.

    Shop Glamorise Max Out High Support Underwire Sports Bra, £35.74


  • M&S Seamfree Medium Impact Sports Bra

    XS-XL (32-48 inch bust)

    Because, let’s face it, not everyone is planning to run a marathon — and many larger cup sizes come as a result of implants that don’t always require the same level of support to defy gravity — this seamfree design is a less restrictive option. Ideal for yoga, pilates and other workouts that err on the sedentary side, its moisture wicking fabric ensures you remain dry, while ensuring plenty of give for added comfort.

    Shop M&S Seamfree Medium Impact Sports Bra, £12


  • Triumph Triaction Control Lite

    32-44 (C-G cup)

    A brand long associated with high quality bra support, Triumph’s Triaction Control Lite is ideal for HIIT sessions and long runs alike. The design has a minimizing effect — meaning it reduces your bust by one cup size — and the removable and adjustable straps make it easy to switch between cross-back and H-back designs. It’s pretty much the ultimate workout companion.

    Shop Triumph Triaction Control Lite, £46


  • Elomi Energise Sports Bra

    32-46 (D-K cup)

    Serving up style with added support, Elomi creates eye-catching designs that you’d actually want to show-off in the gym. With its fetching jungle-inspired palm print, this Energise Sports Bra features a triple clasp closure for a secure fit. An added hook also allows you to switch from a H-back to a racer back — ideal for those who find the weight painful on their shoulders.

    Shop Elomi Energise Sports Bra, £30.80


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  • Posted on January 6, 2021